WBO World Championship

Dear Budgerigar Breeder Friends!
In the name of the Austrian Budgerigar association and the WBO we would like to kindly invite you to exhibit your English budgerigars and color budgerigars at the WBO World Championship which will be held in Rottenbach – Austria between September 27 - 29, 2024.

WBO Congress
2024 September 27, Friday at 14.00 Uhr in Hotel Mauernböck

Location: Hotel Mauernböck, Austria, 4681 Rottenbach 5


Entry by email to guenter.huber.e45@gmx.at

  • Deadline to send the pre-entry: September 1, 2024 (only quantity) -- Download pre-entry-form
  • Deadline to send the final-entry form and the entry-form with show classes is September 26, 2024, 19.00 PM -- Download entry-form

Entry of the birds:

September 27 (Friday), 2024 between 12.00 - 18.00 PM (September 28 (Saturday): only with a special pre-permission of the show director)

Judging: September 28 (Saturday), 2024 from 08.00 AM
Gala dinner:
September 28 (Saturday), 2024 from 20.00 PM in Hotel Mauernböck
Take out of the birds:
September 29 (Sunday), 2024 from 13.00 PM

Entry fee:

Until September 1, 2024: 7,00 Euro per bird with the Pre-entry (quantity) and 1x Catalog 10,00 Euro
After September 1, 2024: 9,00 Euro per bird and 1x Catalog 10,00 Euro

Hotel Booking:

by Günter Huber trough the following email address: guenter.huber.e45@gmx.at / latest September 1,  2024


Type Budgerigar - Richard Miller, UK - Stephen Mow,  AUS - Armin Giger, CH
Colour Budgerigar - Jef Kenis, BE - Armando Cerezo, PT (Reserved: Rolf Schindelmeiser, GER)

Open for visitors:

September 28 (Saturday), 2024 after the judging ca. 16.00 PM until 19.30 PM
September 29 (Sunday), 2024:  09.00 AM - 13.00 PM

Bank details:

ÖWV/Raiffeisenbank Utzenaich / IBAN: AT46 3445 0000 0315 3764 / BIC: RZOOAT2L450

The exhibitors who do not have show cages (AZ style which is black outside) can rent cages at a cost of 5 Euro per cage (we have a limited number of cages)!

Please add seeds for the birds in the down of the cage. The organiser will provide drinking bottle for the acges. The Type budgerigars must be styled. All birds need to be ringed with the own closed ring of the breeder. The exhibitor agree that the photo about his birds will be taken in a special photo cage.

In case of any manipulation of the bird (feather, ring,..) all the birds of the exhibitor will be disqualified from the show.

We wish all the exhibitor good luck for the show!

The executive of the show



Günter Huber

Albertsedt 5, A-4754 Andrichsfurt / Tel. +43 (0) 699 / 100 31 409 / E-Mail: guenter.huber.e45@gmx.at

Tibor Gyerko

Frangepan utca 63, H-1183 Budapest | Tel. +36 20 914 2162 / E-Mail: gyerko.t@t-online.hu