WBO Schau 2018 in Südafrika


Die Ausschreibung zur WBO Schau 2018:


NATIONAL SHOW 27th – 29th JULY 2018

Incorporating the 6th WBO World Championship Show


WBO Meeting on Friday 27th July - Bloemfontein

Show & judging on Saturday 28th July and 29th July


Bloemfontein is a scenic destination in South Africa. It is home to over 256,000 inhabitants and is famously known as the City of Roses, due to its rose bush-lined streets. Bloemfontein offers you exciting opportunities for amazing safaris. This destination’s top attractions include the Free State National Botanical Garden, Anglo Boer War Museum, and Naval Hill to name a few.


1. HQ Hotel details and rates for single and double/twin room

1. Sandstone Sleeper Estate Bloemfontein area - http://sandstonesleeperestate.co.za/

2. Rooms are R500 per night. Rooms either have a double bed or 2 singles.

3. Breakfast R100 each


2. Details of the town and how to get to it from either J/Burg or Cape Town airports

 1. WBO Meeting and SA National will be held in Bloemfontein


 2. There are flights from Johannesburg and Cape Town to Bloemfontein. The below costs are subject to change and will depend on which airline is used and which flights are booked. See https://www.travelstart.co.za/


3. Johannesburg to Bloemfontein flights cost about R2038 return.

1. Flights are 6:30 (Monday to Friday), 8:00 (7 days a week), 9:30 (Monday to Friday), 13:50 (7 days a week)

2. Other flights are available but on selected days of the week.


4. Bloemfontein to Johannesburg flights are:

1. 8:00 (Monday to Friday), 9:35 (7 days a week), 15:00 (Monday to Friday), 15:30 (7 days a week)

 2. Other flights are available but on selected days of the week.


5. Cape Town to Bloemfontein flights cost about R1838 return:

 1. 6:00 (Monday to Friday), 11:40 (7 days a week), 16:30 (7 days a week)

 2. Other flights are available but on selected days of the week.


6. Bloemfontein to Cape Town flights are:

 1. 8:15 (Monday to Friday), 14:00 (7 days a week), 18:40 (7 days a week)

 2. Other flights are available but on selected days of the week.


7. Travel time from Johannesburg is approximately 4 hours by car


8. Travel time from Cape Town is about 10 hours by car



3. Any function organised for the Saturday night and cost.

1. The Gala evening cost will be around R300 per person

2. All meals from Friday to Sunday will be about R850 for all (including the Gala evening)

3. The above prices are still being negotiated so should be used as a guide only.



4. Contact details

1. John Nel +27 815691589


5. Please visit the link
then select the type of attractions available. You can read all about them. If there is anything specific please drop me an email and I will find out and let you know.





John Nel

081 569 1589

Fax: 088 012 542 3533


BSSA Administrator

PO Box 43594

Theresa Park x2



BSSA Web Site Administrator




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